Medisys products are awesome...I have purchased this 1.5 Kg Weight Gainer about 20 days ago....and I actually don't believe myself that I can feels the change of my body....but don't forget to take the diet along with this....and u can also see the results by your self....

Ashwani kumar

I have used so many whey proteins, international brands are damn expensive and then i heard about Medisys 100% whey protein from my friend. I was confused first as I was afraid of the quality but somehow I purchased the trial pack and checked its quality. I have also sent it for lab testing and got positive results. I am using bigger pack now and getting really good results out of it. You can trust Indian brands too! Thanks Medisys...

Syed Zafar
I was tensed about my weight then I saw the ad of Medisys fast weight gainer on Google and trust me guys I am in perfect shape now. I got the diet plan from team and proper health consultation. Now I am focussing on muscles so I have switched to Medisys double mass gainer now. Let’s see the results.
Himent Sen

One day I was surfing on facebook and I saw the ad of meal replacement, garcinia and green tea combo. I called on the given number and these guys convinced me to buy this combo and today i am very grateful to Medisys as I have lost 3.5kg of weight in a month. They guided me well. Cheers to Medisys!

Rashmi Jain

I am using medisys double mass gainer from last two months and I have seen tremendous change in my body. I have got proper diet chart, which I am following on strict basis. The health consultants have consulted me very well and I am quite impressed by their services.

Manjeet Singh

Product is nice. Taste good thick creamy shake even in water. Mixability is good too.. Cant say much about Testimonial- the effectiveness cause i just consume 1kg till now But i can say you feel the energy and recover with this post workout shake. For quick resulta i recommend 2 scoop in a day with proper meal.. It will increase your strength during workout.. Protein works according to your workout intecity.. Overall a decent product.. Not too good but not bad also..