All about Medisys mass gainers

Mass gainers can be very useful for gaining muscle and even minimizing fat gain. If you’ve ever had difficulty gaining muscle, you’ve probably heard that “struggling to eat enough” isn’t a valid complaint — but it most certainly is. Gaining the right weight deliberately and methodically can be as much of a challenge as losing weight. Indeed, there’s a lot more work to do when you’re eating an extraordinary number of calories

For many people who fall into the “hard gainer” category, it’s only a matter of time until you start looking to mass gainer supplements for help. They may seem strange at first glance, sure — can you really drink hundreds and hundreds of calories without any ill effects? The answer is yes, but only when done properly and intentionally. We considered digestion, along with other big hitters like taste, natural ingredients, and macro breakdowns to track down the best mass gainers on the market. If you’re ready to bulk up, we have you covered.


MEDISYS Mass Gainer

The actual calorie and macronutrient content of mass gainers vary wildly, and there’s a lot of debate as to whether or not a one-to-one ratio of protein to carbs is best or if you should go as high as one-to-four or one-to-five. Most industry leaders lean closer to one-to-two, and Transparent Labs has gone that route — with some fine-tuned details included.


Who Should Buy MEDISYS Mass Gainer 

  • Anyone who wants all-natural supplements that are naturally flavored and sweetened.
  • People who prefer grass-fed whey will appreciate this product’s 53 grams of grass-fed whey protein.
  • Folks who are tuned into digestive health and would prefer a dose of fiber with their mass gainer.

If you’re going to be slamming your mass gainer, it’s helpful to find an effective product at a low price point — this pick falls into both of those categories. 

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